Forgotten Truths








            Program 1       “Infallible Proof”                             Commercials:  Hell & Salvation

            Program 2       “Walk In Love”                                 Commercials:  Forgiveness & Angels

            Program 3       “Understanding The Bible”         Commercials:  Babylon & Bible CD

            Program 4       “Living In The Present”                Commercials:  Sabbath & Salvation





            Program 5       “Grace And Peace”                          Commercials:  Hell & KJV

            Program 6       “The Calendar Of Prophecy”       Commercials: Babylon & Forgiveness

            Program 7       “In Heavenly Places”                      Commercials: Music CD’s & Cassette

            Program 8       “Where Is My Bible”                        Commercials:  Bible CD & KJV





            Program  9      “Unanswered Prayers”                         Commercials: Sabbath & Salvation

            Program 10     “Tongue Talking In The Bible”         Commercials:  Babylon & Hell

            Program 11     “Straight Talk About Healing”          Commercials:  Music CD’s & Cassette

            Program 12     “Baptism In The Bible”                        Commercials:  Angels & Hot Button





            Program 13     “The Truth About Tithing”                Commercials:  FT Series & All Videos & Bible CD

            Program 14     “The Real Grace Life”                          Commercials: Salvation & Angels



Volume 5        ETERNITY AND YOU


            Program 15     “The Gospel We Preach”                  Commercials:  Salvation & Forgiveness & Coin

            Program 16     “The Wrath Of God”                           Commercials: Hell & Coin & Babylon

            Program 17     “Why The 1000 Years?”                    Commercials:  Coin & Angels & Hot Button

            Program 18     “Curious Angels”                                 Commercials:  Angels & Music & Coin






            Program 19     “Believing In The 2nd Coming”           Commercials:  KJV & FT Series & Coin

            Program 20     “Appearing At 1 of 2 Judgments”       Commercials:  Sabbath & All Videos

            Program 21     “Are Any Denominations Right?         Commercials:  FT Series-All Videos- Coin-Short Music

            Program 22     “Why Pentecost Doesn’t Work”           Commercials:  Sabbath & Salvation





            Program 23     “Anatomy Of Man”                               Commercials:  KJV & Babylon & Bible CD

            Program 24     “Anatomy Of A Fall”                            Commercials:  Forgiveness & Angels & Coin

            Program 25     “Anatomy Of A Cover Up”                  Commercials:  Sabbath & Coin & FT Series





            Program 26     “Why Was Jesus Baptized?”               Commercials:  Salvation & All Videos

            Program 27     “Missing Heaven By 3 ½ Years”        Commercials: Hell & Hot Button

            Program 28     “Paul Is Our Apostle”                            Commercials:  FT Series & 35 Sec Support

            Program 29     “The LORD’S Day”                                   Unpardonable Letter Support & All Videos



Volume 9        THE CHURCH – WHICH ONE & WHY!


            Program 30     “Why So Many Churches?”                          Commercials: Hot Button & Babylon

            Program 31     “Which Church Do You Belong To?”       Garage Sale Letter -All Videos-Support 1

            Program 32     “How To Join The Right Church”             Commercials:  Forgiveness & Angels & Support 3

            Program 33     “Why Attend A Grace Church”                  Commercials:  KJV & Support 4



Volume 10      GOD AND US


            Program 34     “Where Was God?”                              Commercials:  Marriage Matters & Support 5

            Program 35     “The Bible’s Last Prayer”                   Commercials:  Sabbath-Support 2 & Babylon

            Program 36     “Our Blessed Hope”                             Commercials:  Salvation & All Videos & Support 1

            Program 37     “Day Of Redemption”                          Commercials:  FT Volumes 1-9 & Support 6 Video Letter



Volume 11      GROWING UP


            Program 38     “Day Of Christ”                                        Commercials:  FT Volume 5 & Marriage Matters

            Program 39     “Flee Youthful Lusts”                           Commercials:  FT Volume 6 & Support 7 & Babylon

            Program 40     “Put Away Childish Things”              Commercials:  Hell Video - FT Volume 7 - Hot Button

            Program 41     “Satisfied With Enough”                     Commercials:  Salvation Video – Support #9  




            Program 42     “Knowing The Teacher”                       Commercials:  FT Vol 8 & Support 8 & Forgiveness

            Program 43     “Three Important Questions”           Commercials:  KJV & Support Garage Sale &All Videos

            Program 44     “Christian Nobility”                               Commercials:  Sabbath & FT Volume 9

            Program 45     “Right Division”                                       Commercials:  All Videos & FT Volume 10



Volume 13      THE BIBLE’S OWN CODE


            Program 46     “The 66/40 Key”                                      Commercials:  End of Program FT Vol 13

            Program 47     “The Genesis Code”                               Commercials:  End of Program FT Vol 13  
            Program 48        “The First Cryptologist”                   Commercials:  End of Program FT Vol 13

            Program 49     “The Bible Code Decoded”                  Commercials:  End of Program FT Vol 13





            Program 50     “The Great Divide”                               Commercials:  Music (short) FT Vol 11

            Program 51     “What A Difference”                             Commercials:  FT Vol #12 & Support #10     

Program 52     “Questions & Answers”                        Commercials:  FT Volumes 1-13

            Program 53     “Mysteries Of The Mystery”               No Commercial



Volume 15      THE POWER OF GOD


            Program 54     “The Power Of God”                             Commercial: None  1:45 Closing

            Program 55     “Power & Salvation”                             Commercial: None

Program 56     “Power & Sinning”                                Commercial: None

            Program 57     “Power & Suffering”                             Commercial: None





Program 58     “Power & Service”                               Commercial: None

Program 59     “Healing”                                                Commercial: None 

            Program 60     “Does Jesus Care?”                             Commercial: None

Program 61     “When Prayer Is Dangerous”         Commercial: None





            Program 62     “What To Remember On The Sabbath”           Commercial: None

            Program 63     “A Tax, A Tithe, Or A Trip”                                   Commercial: None

Program 64     “Signs & Wonders – How Do You Know?”      Commercial: None

            Program 65     “Healing, Signs And Wonders”                           Commercial: None



Volume 18      BAPTISM              


Program 66     “Baptism And The Believer”                            Commercial: None

Program 67     “Why Was Jesus Baptized?” Part 1                 Commercial: None 

            Program 68     “Why Was Jesus Baptized?” Part 2                 Commercial: None

Program 69     “What Baptism Does For Us”                          Commercial: None



Volume 19      HIDDEN THINGS


            Program 70     “Hidden Treasures”                                      Commercial: None

            Program 71     “Hidden Truths”                                            Commercial: None

Program 72     “Hidden Times”                                             Commercial: None

            Program 73     “Hidden Triumphs”                                        Commercial: None



Volume 20      CLARIFYING VERSES              


Program 74     “The Budding Fig Tree”                               Commercial: None

Program 75     “Jesus Christ The Same …”                        Commercial: None 

            Program 76     “By His Stripes We Are Healed”                 Commercial: None

Program 77     “Which Commission To Do …?”                  Commercial: None



Volume 21      CLARIFYING MORE VERSES              


Program 78     “Must Ye Be Born Again?”                          Commercial: None

Program 79     “Who Is The Bride Of Christ?”                    Commercial: None 

            Program 80     “The Unpardonable Sin”                               Commercial: None

Program 81     “A New Creature”                                         Commercial: None



Volume 22      ISRAEL’S HOPE              


Program 82     “Does Israel Have A Future?”                     Commercial: None

Program 83     Israel’s Calendar Of Redemption”            Commercial: None 

            Program 84     “Christ Our Passover”                                  Commercial: None

Program 85     “Pentecost Fulfilled”                                     Commercial: None



Volume 23      FOUR SETS OF THREE OBSERVATIONS              


Program 86     “Three Divine Revelations”                         Commercial: None

Program 87     “Three Pivotal Points In Acts”                     Commercial: None 

            Program 88     “Three Prophetic Baptisms”                         Commercial: None

Program 89     “Three Dangerous Doctrines”                      Commercial: None


Volume 24      LIFE’S QUESTIONS ANSWERED              


Program 90     “Fixed Laws Of Life”                                     Commercial: None

Program 91     “Life’s Most Challenging Question”             Commercial: None 

Program 92     “The World’s Wealthiest People”                 Commercial: None 
Program 93     “Total Forgiveness”                                       Commercial: None



Volume 25      WHAT IS IT ALL ABOUT?              


Program 94     “The Twist In The Tale”                                 Commercial: None

Program 95     “Paul’s Favorite Subject”                               Commercial: None 

Program 96     “Dispensational Bible Study”                         Commercial: None 
Program 97     “The Expectation Of The Believer”              Commercial: None



Volume 26      SAVED, SECURE & KNOWING IT                          


Program 98     “A Know So Salvation”                                Commercial: None

Program 99     “God Is For Us”                                            Commercial: None 

Program 100   “A New I.D.”                                                 Commercial: None 
Program 101      “Delivered From Wrath”                           Commercial: None



Volume 27      THE HOLY SPIRIT IN EPHESIANS              


Program 102   “A Seal And An Earnest”                             Commercial: None

Program 103   “Access And Habitation”                              Commercial: None 

Program 104   “Intelligized Saints”                                      Commercial: None 
Program 105 “Strengthened By Might”                              Commercial: None



Volume 28      RUDIMENTS OF TRUTH  (Truth Within The Truth)              


Program 106   “Was Jesus An Identity Thief?”                    Commercial: None

Program 107   “The Lame Takes The Prey”                         Commercial: None 

Program 108   “Two Paul’s & A Blind Jew”                           Commercial: None  
Program 109 “Are You A Gifted Saint?”                               Commercial: None




Volume 29      DETAILS OF THE COMING IN  I THESSALONIANS              


Program 110   “Believer’s Rewards”                                  Commercial: None

Program 111   “Stablished In Glory”                                   Commercial: None 

Program 112   “Our Blessed Hope”                                    Commercial: None 
Program 113      “Perfecting The Perfected”                      Commercial: None



Volume 30      THE WORKING OF SATAN IN THE AGE OF GRACE              


Program 114   “His Majesty The Devil”                             Commercial: None

Program 115   “The Will Of Satan”                                      Commercial: None 

Program 116   “Demons Today”                                          Commercial: None 
Program 117 “Delivered From Seduction”                         Commercial: None



Volume 31      STRIVING TOGETHER WITHOUT FEAR              


Program 118   “What’s At Stake”                                       Commercial: None

Program 119   “A Conversation Worth Having”                Commercial: None 

Program 120   “Talk The Walk”                                         Commercial: None 
Program 121 “With Jesus In Temptation”                         Commercial: None



Volume 32      THE GOSPEL OF GRACE              


Program 122   “The Gospel We Preach”                             Commercial: None

Program 123   “What Makes The Gospel, Gospel?”          Commercial: None 

Program 124   “The Dimensions Of Grace”                        Commercial: None 
Program 125 “When God Works On Me”                          Commercial: None



Volume 33      PUTTING EVERYTHING IN ITS RIGHT PLACE               


Program 126   “What’s Wrong With The World?”              Commercial: None

Program 127   “The Wrong Right Foundation”                   Commercial: None 

Program 128   “A Return To Yesterchurch”                        Commercial: None 
Program 129 “The Pause That Refreshes”                         Commercial: None



Volume 34      INSIGHTS INTO THE GOSPEL OF JOHN              


Program 130   “What About – The Lamb?”                          Commercial: None

Program 131   “The Power To Become”                               Commercial: None 

Program 132   “Getting Healed On The Sabbath”               Commercial: None 
Program 133 “Working On The Sabbath Day”                    Commercial: None



Volume 35      SIMPLE, YET PROFOUND              


Program 134   “Is The Bible Trustworthy?”                        Commercial: None

Program 135   “Foolish Praying”                                          Commercial: None 

Program 136   “Miracles Gender Unbelief”                        Commercial: None 
Program 137 “An Unscheduled Appearance”                     Commercial: None



Volume 36      IMPORTANT CONCEPTS TO PONDER              


Program 138   “Basics Of Bible Study”                                Commercial: None

Program 139   “The Marks Of Paul”                                    Commercial: None 

Program 140   “The Great Counterfeit”                               Commercial: None 
Program 141 “What Counts With God”                               Commercial: None



Volume 37      AN EXPOSITION OF EPHESIANS              


Program 142   “Exploring Ephesians”                                  Commercial: None

Program 143   “All Spiritual Blessings”                               Commercial: None 

Program 144   “The Mystery Of His Will”                          Commercial: None 
Program 145 “Sealed With The Spirit”                               Commercial: None



Volume 38      PLACE, PURPOSE, PLAN & PROBLEMS              


Program 146   “Where We Go From Here”                         Commercial: None

Program 147   “He Is Lord”                                                  Commercial: None 

Program 148   “A Scarecrow In A Cucumber Patch”           Commercial: None 
Program 149 “Facing Life’s Problems”                                Commercial: None



Volume 39      THROUGH THE BIBLE IN 7 HOURS – HOURS 1&2              


Program 150   “4 Keys To Bible Understanding” Part 1           Commercial: None

Program 151   “4 Keys To Bible Understanding” Part 2           Commercial: None 

Program 152   “Getting Started Right” - Part 1                         Commercial: None              
Program 153      “Getting Started Right” - Part 2                     Commercial: None



Volume 40      THROUGH THE BIBLE IN 7 HOURS – HOURS 3&4              


Program 154   “The Goal Of Prophecy” - Part 1                        Commercial: None

Program 155   “The Goal Of Prophecy” - Part 2                        Commercial: None  

Program 156   “A Grasp Of Matthew - John” - Part 1               Commercial: None              
Program 157      “A Grasp Of Matthew - John” - Part 2           Commercial: None



Volume 41      THROUGH THE BIBLE IN 7 HOURS – HOURS 5&6              


Program 158   “A Strategic Grasp Of Acts” – Part 1                 Commercial: None

Program 159   “A Strategic Grasp Of Acts” - Part 2                  Commercial: None 

Program 160   “A Strategic Grasp Of Paul’s Epistles” - 1           Commercial: None              
Program 161   “A Strategic Grasp Of Paul’s Epistles” - 2          Commercial: None



Volume 42      THROUGH THE BIBLE IN 7 HOURS – HOUR 7              


Program 162   “A Strategic Grasp Of The Hebrew Epistles” - 1        Commercial: None

Program 163   “A Strategic Grasp Of The Hebrew Epistles” - 1        Commercial: None 





Program 164   “Why Jesus Cannot Return May 21, 2011”                Commercial: None

Program 165   “Is The Rapture In Matthew 24?”                               Commercial: None 

Program 166   “The Backbone Of Prophecy”                                       Commercial: None              
Program 167   “What Are We Watching For?”                                    Commercial: None



Volume 44      IMPORTANT PROPHETIC PRECEPTS              


Program 168   “Gap Verses”                                                                Commercial: None

Program 169   “The Place Of Jerusalem                                            Commercial: None 

Program 170   “When The Antichrist Comes”                                     Commercial: None 
Program 171      “The Mark Of The Beast”                                       Commercial: None



Volume 45      PROPHETIC PROMISE & PURPOSE FOR US              


Program 172   “The Lord Shall Descend”                                            Commercial: None

Program 173   “The Last Trump”                                                         Commercial: None 

Program 174   “Outer Space And Us”                                                  Commercial: None 
Program 175      “Reconciling The Universe”                                      Commercial: None



Volume 46      THE WORLD WE LIVE IN              


Program 176   “The First Pharisee”                                                   Commercial: None

Program 177   “The World Cain Built”                                              Commercial: None 

Program 178   “Safety In A Dangerous World”                                Commercial: None 
Program 179      “Following Paul Through A Recession”                 Commercial: None



Volume 47      THE HUMANITY & DEITY OF JESUS CHRIST              


Program SC-002   “When Jesus Came”                                             Commercial: None

Program SC-003   “The Wise Men’s Wisdom”                                  Commercial: None 

Program 180   “10 Reasons Jesus Is Jehovah”                                 Commercial: None 
Program 181      “10 More Reasons Jesus Is Jehovah”                   Commercial: None



Volume 48      INTIMACY WITH GOD IN CHRIST              


Program 182   “Our Mediator”                                                            Commercial: None

Program 183   “Knowing And Loving God”                                        Commercial: None 

Program 184   “What Christ Is Made To Us”                                    Commercial: None  
Program 185      “Contacting God”                                                     Commercial: None



Volume 49      DOCTRINAL CLARIFICATIONS             


Program 186     “The Church And Pentecost”                                Commercial: None

Program 187     “Did Jesus Suffer In Hell?”                                    Commercial: None 

Program 188     “The Debt Will Kill You”                                        Commercial: None 
Program 189    “The Kingdom Within”                                           Commercial: None


Volume 50      GRACE AGE PRAYING             


Program 190     “The Mystery Of Prayer”                                   Commercial: None

Program 191     “The Manner Of Prayer”                                    Commercial: None 

Program 192     “The Mechanics Of Prayer”                              Commercial: None 
Program 193     “The Music Of Prayer”                                       Commercial: None

Volume 51      SEEING THINGS MORE CLEARLY             

Program 194     “A Trip Thru Hell”                                                 Commercial: None

Program 195     “Cross-Eyed Believers”                                         Commercial: None 

Program 196     “One Lord, One Faith, Three Baptisms”       Commercial: None 
Program 197     “Bible Questions Answered”                              Commercial: None


Volume 52      GOD AND HIS CHOICE             


Program 198     “The God Of The Bible”                                    Commercial: None

Program 199     “The Deuce Of Deity”                                         Commercial: None 

Program 200     “Choosing To Be Chosen”                                Commercial: None 
Program 201     “Mystery Doctrine Of Election”                    Commercial: None



Volume 53      EMBRACING FORGIVENESS             


Program 202     “The Embrace Of Grace”                                  Commercial: None

Program 203     “Fully Forgiven”                                                  Commercial: None 

Program 204     “Forever Forgiven”                                             Commercial: None 
Program 205     “Feeling Forgiven”                                              Commercial: None

Volume 54      SIMPLICITY & SECURITY             


Program 206     “Simplicity Simplified”                             Commercial: None

Program 207     “Maximum Security”                                  Commercial: None 

Program 208     “Simplicity In Christ”                                Commercial: None 
Program 209     “No More Confusion”                                  Commercial: None

Volume 55      LIVING, KNOWING & DOING GOD'S WILL             


Program 210     “Three Laws”                                                 Commercial: None

Program 211     “Fleecing God”                                              Commercial: None 

Program 212     “God's Three Wills”                                    Commercial: None 
Program 213     “Knowing & Doing”                                      Commercial: None

Volume 56      THINGS YOU WERE ALWAYS TAUGHT WRONG             


Program 214     “Who Ordered That?”                                 Commercial: None

Program 215     “What Did You Say?”                                   Commercial: None 

Program 216     “You Talking To Me?”                                 Commercial: None 
Program 217     “Law Keeping Ain't Working!”                Commercial: None

Volume 57      ANSWERS!             


Program 218     “Glad To Be Back!”                                      Commercial: None

Program 219     “Why Daddy?”                                               Commercial: None 

Program 220     “ 1 + 2 = 1 ”                                                      Commercial: None 
Program 221     “The Gospel Of Our Salvation”               Commercial: None

Volume 58      IMPORTANT TRUTHS TO KNOW            


Program 222     “Why The Meek Only Inherit The Earth”              Commercial: None

Program 223     “The Third Most Important Thing To Know”      Commercial: None 

Program 224     “Job's Last Name”                                                          Commercial: None 
Program 225     “Reconciled!”                                                                   Commercial: None

Volume 59      THINKING IT THROUGH            


Program 226     “Five Better Words”                                                  Commercial: None

Program 227     “God Tricked Satan - He Tricks Us”                     Commercial: None 

Program 228     “Godly Edifying”                                                         Commercial: None 
Program 229     “The Trinity”                                                                 Commercial: None

Volume 60      A CLOSER LOOK            


Program 230     “Discovering The Gospel”                                Commercial: None

Program 231     “Depravity In The Millennium”                      Commercial: None 

Program 232     “Being Filled With The Spirit”                        Commercial: None 
Program 233     “Bibliolatry”                                                          Commercial: None

Volume 61      LIFE IN CHRIST JESUS            


Program 234     “Life In Christ”                                                   Commercial: None

Program 235     “Getting Through It”                                        Commercial: None 

Program 236     “When A Child Dies”                                        Commercial: None 
Program 237     “Our Hidden Life Revealed”                          Commercial: None


Volume 62      DISPENSATIONAL CLARITY            


Program 238     “When Blasphemy Paid Off”                        Commercial: None

Program 239     “Acts 13”                                                               Commercial: None 

Program 240     “Why Prayer Won't Save You”                    Commercial: None 
Program 241     “Gospel Razzle Dazzle”                                   Commercial: None

Volume 63      LOOKING AGAIN AT OUR SALVATION            


Program 242     “No Sweat”                                                         Commercial: None

Program 243     “God's Secret”                                                   Commercial: None 

Program 244     “Diagnosed And Delivered”                        Commercial: None 
Program 245    “Aliens Welcome”                                            Commercial: None

Volume 64      VERSES THAT SPEAK VOLUMES            


Program 246     “The Beloved Physician”                              Commercial: None

Program 247     “Access To The Father”                                 Commercial: None 

Program 248     “Epistles Of Christ”                                        Commercial: None 
Program 249    “Glorifying The Word”                                  Commercial: None

Volume 65      TELLING IT LIKE IT IS            


Program 250     “What's Wrong With The Church?”              Commercial: None

Program 251     “The Tithing Curse”                                             Commercial: None 

Program 252     “The Cure For Religion”                                    Commercial: None 
Program 253    “Let's Stop Sin!”                                                     Commercial: None


Volume 66      THINK ABOUT IT!            


Program 254     “Rags And Riches Walk Together”                Commercial: None

Program 255     “Paul The Prisoner”                                             Commercial: None 

Program 256     “Dipped, Damned Or Deceived?”                   Commercial: None 
Program 257     “Is Healing In The Atonement?”                     Commercial: None

Volume 67      THE INNER MAN           


Program 258     “Inside Out”                                                           Commercial: None

Program 259     “The Default Is Faith”                                        Commercial: None 

Program 260     “The Strength Within”                                      Commercial: None 
Program 261      “It's Not Autopilot”                                            Commercial: None

Volume 68      GRACE APPEARING           


Program 262     “Where We Should Assemble”                       Commercial: None

Program 263     “The Appearing Of Grace”                               Commercial: None 

Program 264     “The Adorning Of Grace”                                 Commercial: None 
Program 265     “The Outlook Of Grace”                                    Commercial: None

Volume 69      BACK TO BASICS           


Program 266     “You Need A Bible To Study”                          Commercial: None

Program 267     “You Need A Study To Follow”                       Commercial: None 

Program 268     “The Real Mutual Faith”                                  Commercial: None 
Program 269     “Another Foundation”                                      Commercial: None

Volume 70      CORRECTING SCRIPTURAL ISSUES           


Program 270     “How To Lie Using The Bible”                          Commercial: None

Program 271     “Five Verses To Stop Using”                              Commercial: None 

Program 272     “Following Jesus By Following Paul”            Commercial: None 
Program 273     “The Great Election”                                            Commercial: None

Volume 71      READING REVELATION - Part 1 (Studies 1-4)           


Program 274     “The Revelation Of Jesus Christ”                   Commercial: None

Program 275     “This Book Of Prophecy”                                   Commercial: None 

Program 276     “How To Read Revelation”                               Commercial: None 
Program 277     “The Sons Of Thunder”                                      Commercial: None

Volume 72      READING REVELATION - Part 2 (Studies 5-8)           


Program 278     “Rays From Revelation”                                 Commercial: None

Program 279     “Seven Churches”                                             Commercial: None 

Program 280    “Seven More Churches”                                 Commercial: None 
Program 281     “Coming Without Us”                                     Commercial: None

Volume 73      WHAT ABOUT THESE THINGS?           


Program 282     “Are You A New Testament Christian?”      Commercial: None

Program 283     “The First Old Wives Fable”                             Commercial: None 

Program 284     “What About Baptism?”                                    Commercial: None 
Program 285     “Put The Old Man Out”                                      Commercial: None

Volume 74      HELPFUL TEACHINGS           


Program 286     “The True Bible Church”                                  Commercial: None

Program 287     “C-R-I-B-S”                                                             Commercial: None 

Program 288     “Christendom's Bar Of Soap”                         Commercial: None 
Program 289     “To What Do The Signs Point?”                     Commercial: None

Volume 75      GRACE PROVISIONS          


Program 290     “Grace Living”                                                  Commercial: None

Program 291     “Heavenly Places”                                            Commercial: None 

Program 292     “Healing History”                                             Commercial: None 
Program 293     “Baptism's Identity”                                         Commercial: None

Volume 76      IMPORTANCE OF RIGHT DIVISION           


Program 294     “Have You Heard?”                                             Commercial: None

Program 295     “World's Most Dangerous Doctrine”            Commercial: None 

Program 296     “Prayer”                                                                   Commercial: None 
Program 297     “Healing - God's Will?”                                      Commercial: None


Volume 77      TRUTH AND ERROR           


Program 298     “Visions, Dreams & Truth”                               Commercial: None

Program 299     “The History Of Salvation”                               Commercial: None 

Program 300     “Are Lost People Forgiven?”                           Commercial: None 
Program 301     “The End Of The End Times”                           Commercial: None


Volume 78      KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING           


Program 302     “Why Can't I Speak In Tongues?”                  Commercial: None

Program 303     “Full Assurance”                                                  Commercial: None 

Program 304     “Stability”                                                               Commercial: None 
Program 305    “God's Power”                                                        Commercial: None

Volume 79      THINK AGAIN!           


Program 306     “The Tithe And Bible Prophecy”                    Commercial: None

Program 307     “When Jesus Comes”                                         Commercial: None 

Program 308     “Something Not To Forget”                             Commercial: None 
Program 309    “What Church Do You Belong To?”               Commercial: None


Volume 80      JUDGING WHY           


Program 310     “The Reason We Serve Him”                               Commercial: None

Program 311     “We Are Not In The Kingdom”                             Commercial: None 

Program 312     “Paul Preached Repentance - Should We?”    Commercial: None 
Program 313    “Why Did God Let That Happen?”                       Commercial: None

Volume 81      SPIRIT AND LIFE           


Program 314     “Hell? - Yes"                                                          Commercial: None

Program 315     “Don't Grieve The Spirit”                                 Commercial: None 

Program 316     “Hello, Holy Spirit”                                            Commercial: None 
Program 317     "Bring Grace To Life”                                        Commercial: None

Volume 82      IN CHRIST           


Program 318     “The Difference The Difference Makes"      Commercial: None

Program 319     “Walking In Him"                                                 Commercial: None 

Program 320     “Complete In Him”                                              Commercial: None 
Program 321     "Sufficient In Him”                                              Commercial: None





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