Dispensational Relationships

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Soft Cover 120 pages
 Studies In Dispensational Relationships
This series of lessons has been prepared to meet the need of the many Christians who find it impossible to attend such a school as Grace Bible College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, to further their education in the Word of God. The lessons are planned so that a person may study on his own or perhaps pursue the course in a local study group. Each lesson will be a complete unit of study with a REVIEW which may be used for summary purposes or for testing. A simple dispensational chart of the Bible accompanies the study (see chart) which will be helpful in visualizing the relationship of truth in the various divine administrations.

It is recommended that the student look up and read carefully all of the Scripture passages given, and that he come to his own conclusions whether or not each proposed truth is actually taught in the Word of God. By using these lessons merely as a guide, and by his own prayerful study, he will be able to make Bible truth his very own. He will not then be a mere peddler of secondhand truth.

The teacher's job is not merely to teach, but to so motivate the student to study that the teacher will be able to effectively communicate the truth to the student. The blessing and benefit which you derive from these lessons will depend largely upon how important you believe the subject to be. The more important you consider it, the more interested you will be; the more your interest, the more zealously you will study; the more you study, the greater will be your blessing. In view of these facts, our first lesson will seek to show you the need of such a study, how it can benefit you as a Christian, and perhaps it will help you to overcome prejudices which you may have picked up against this truth.

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