God's Clock Of The Ages

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Soft Cover 70 pages
Few Christians have a comprehensive knowledge of the Bible. Their reading of it, if any, has been according to a hop-skip-jump method. They may know a few verses from the Psalms or from the Gospels, but they know nothing of the relationship between these two parts and the many other parts of the Bible, which are to them unexplored territory. Many have been led to suppose the Bible is dependable only in spiritual affairs, but is not to be trusted in historical and scientific matters; whereas others who are a bit more logical wonder how it could be authoritative in spiritual matters if not in the other fields of knowledge too. Thousands of young people who were never grounded in biblical knowledge have had their faith in the Bible as the Word of God overthrown by the atheistic reasoning of some college professor, who himself was just as ignorant of the Book of books. Christendom has become divided into hundreds of sects and denominations, largely because of a failure to rightly understand the dispensational character of the Bible.

With these facts in mind, this present study has been designed to give a simple, understandable blueprint of the entire Bible. When one understands the divine plan of the ages, the Bible becomes an intelligible book, the supposed contradictions of sci4 ence are cleared away, and God’s great dispensational programs are seen in all of their wisdom and beauty.

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